Revlon ft. Olivia Wilde

Bespoke, original, authentic Tango with a contemporary twist created, written and performed by Rockbarn Media for cosmetics giant Revlon and their global advertising campaign featuring Olivia Wilde for PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara. Sexy, alluring, graceful, serenely cool yet dramatic and so powerful no-one could resist…that’s what this ad oozes in bucket-loads and we had to […]

Skoda – ITV Tour De France

Authentic and original ‘French accordion’ style music written, created and performed by Rockbarn Media as the custom soundtrack to Skoda’s ITV Sponsorship Idents for the Tour De France. Music: ‘Les Jours De Soleil’ – An original composition by Rockbarn Media.

EBLEX – Jetpack Journey Home

Bespoke and original ‘Medieval Knight’ style music written, created and performed by Rockbarn Media for national TV advertising campaign ‘Jetpack Journey Home’ for EBLEX promoting Quality Standard and Red Tractor beef and lamb mini roasts. Music: ‘Fanfare Allemande’ – An original composition by Rockbarn Media.

Harvey Nichols Christmas – Same Dress Disaster

Complete, bespoke narrative soundtrack that moves through party, symphonic orchestral and jazz for Harvey Nichols’ Christmas campaign exploring the epic, all too familiar scenario – The ‘Same Dress Disaster!’ Music: ‘Scherzo Fervere’ – An original composition by Rockbarn Media – Soundtrack nominated as a Finalist in the National and International Music+Sound Awards for Best Original […]

Up at The O2

Original, bespoke electronica soundtrack for the epic viral launch of “Up at the O2“; monumental London attraction where you climb the iconic O2 Arena! Welcome to part our EDM/Electronica arm! Reaching new heights, (quite literally…it’s really high up!), Rockbarn was ecstatic, proud and honoured to work on and have had our music chosen to be […]

Candy Crush – Release the Magic

Original, luscious orchestral soundtrack written, created and performed by Rockbarn Media for Global TV advertising campaign ‘Release the Magic’ for King Candy Crush to promote their Candy Crush Saga game. Literally all the bells and whistles went into this one! …Yes, that’s one of our very own live recorded whistles at the start! As with […]

Kwik Fit – Odd Car

Bespoke and original music forming the narrative soundtrack for Kwik Fit’s TV and online advertising campaign broadcast across the UK and Northern Ireland, entitled “Odd Car”. The brief was to get an instant sense of something magical…over a simple mood of gentle intrigue. Okey-Dokes! We set our creative brains on the task and created this […]

Captain Aquafresh – Valentine’s Day

Global online video and advertising campaign for Aquafresh worldwide featuring original, custom music written by Rockbarn Media supplied for this video sharing Captain Aquafresh’s special message to everyone on Valentine’s Day online and across social media. Music: ‘Silk’ – An original composition by Rockbarn Media.

Ulster Bank – Commitments

Original, bespoke ‘indie-style rock’ music created for Ulster Bank national TV, cinema and online advertising campaigns. Our track, written especially to go across a series of adverts from Ulster Bank was chosen for its uplifting, feel-good, ‘festival’ style brought by elements like inspiring piano, arena-filling euphoric build and atmospheric vocals all performed by us. Music: […]