Candy Crush – Release the Magic

Original, luscious orchestral soundtrack written, created and performed by Rockbarn Media for Global TV advertising campaign ‘Release the Magic’ for King Candy Crush to promote their Candy Crush Saga game.

Literally all the bells and whistles went into this one! …Yes, that’s one of our very own live recorded whistles at the start! As with all our projects, this massive campaign needed something really special. So, out came our experienced symphonic and orchestral big guns and what emerged from our brains was this completely original theme developed and composed with ‘Disney’ style luscious orchstration, a twist of magic and a big ol’ nice, snuggy, warm feeling…oh, and a sprinkle of triumphant fanfare at the end as requested!

Music: ‘Romance de la Patinoire’ – An original composition by Rockbarn Media.